Welcome to Sibgeocom, a production and geological company in Siberia, Russia.

Sibgeocom is a provider of geochemical services that performs ecological, geochemical, chemical and analytical work for its Customers in Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

The company focuses on geochemical prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, ore and precious metals, geological and ecological research, including design and implementation of field and chemical-analytical work, processing, modeling and interpretation of outcomes, as well as supervisory and consulting services.

The company includes field units that carry out ground geochemical and ecological work and oilfield geochemical investigations of deep wells, where drilling is performed under geochemical, engineering and geo-ecological studies. Field samples (soils, rocks, natural waters and gases) are studied at the company's specialized chemical and analytical laboratory, certified in the Rosacreditation system.

The company's priorities include safe working conditions, social protection of employees and environmental protection. It has a quality system in accordance with GOST ISO 9001-2011 and ISO 9001: 2008.

The company has established itself as a responsible, reliable and efficient partner in the market of geological, geochemical and environmental services in Russia and beyond.