Methods of geochemical research

Geochemical prospecting is an effective, mobile, inexpensive and environmentally friendly method of forecasting, prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits. The effectiveness of geochemical methods increases in the complex geological and climatic conditions of Eastern Siberia (predominance of non-structural deposits,
ubiquitous development of trap magmatism, salt tectogenesis, etc.). Geochemical methods, in addition to geophysical studies, make it possible to predict the oil and gas potential of the sedimentary section not only on a geological-tectonic basis, but also to carry out a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of the subsoil.

Complex of geochemical criteria of oil and gas occurrence

The complex of geochemical researches includes: field geochemical works, as well as laboratory chemical and analytical studies, and desktop processing of the obtained actual materials by the method of graphical constructions in conjunction with the results of geological and geophysical studies.
LLC PGC "Sibgeocom" in practice applies the following geochemical methods of prospecting: