The company provides a variety of consulting, expert, environmental and supervisory services for oil exploration and mining companies, including:

  • information and consulting services in geochemical prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields, as well as for ore and precious metals;
  • expert appraisal of oil and gas habitat prospects of licensed areas for geological, geochemical, and geophysical data;
  • consulting services in hydrocarbon geochemistry, ecology, and computer modeling of oil-gas and ore-forming processes;
  • environmental evaluation of geological prospecting projects for oil and gas, ore and precious metals, as well as engineering, exploration, and construction work;
  • radiation monitoring and examination of industrial and residential facilities, farmlands, etc.;
  • expert evaluation of the quality of petroleum products (oils, gas condensates, edge water) and their physical and chemical properties;
  • chemical and analytical inspection of natural objects (gases, water, and rocks) in a laboratory certified in the Rosacreditation system;
  • supervisory support of geochemical and geoenvironmental works, including quality control of the field, laboratory, and cameral (processing and interpretation) oil and gas procedures.