The relevance of the extraction of natural “white” hydrogen

The importance of natural hydrogen for the planet and man

The importance of hydrogen in the life of our planet is difficult to overestimate. Without it, there would be no water, the basis of all life, the whole habitat. Without hydrogen, there would not be so many industries and, such a leap in science and technology would not be possible. This valuable gas is used in the energy sector and many industries.

Hydrogen is irreplaceable, and humanity needs it in large quantities.

Extraction of natural hydrogen from the bowels of the Earth

To date, the basis of hydrogen production is its extraction from natural gas located in the bowels of the earth. But how to make his search and extraction more affordable? So that hydrogen could be obtained easier, and at the same time, the reserves of natural resources would not run out? The answer is already there. We need to start looking for and using natural hydrogen. Geochemical studies by SibGeoCom have shown that natural hydrogen is contained in large quantities in the crystalline basement and the sedimentary rock layer lying above it.

Natural, so-called “white” hydrogen can be detected using a search complex of several methods. Among them is remote sensing of the Earth, geophysical (seismic, electrical, gravitational), as well as accurate, proven geochemical studies. The costs of extraction and preparation for the use of natural hydrogen are several times less than for the same procedures associated with the extraction of oil and gas.

Natural hydrogen is an innovative and eco-friendly energy source

The conducted geochemical studies of the Sibgeocom PGC have shown that hydrogen flows are present in many regions of Russia. The enormous intensity of deep fluid flows, including hydrogen, is in the region of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters in one day. Natural gas deposits can boast of such a scale. But it is the “white” natural H2 that is a renewable source of the planet’s energy resources, and the reserves of such hydrogen in the bowels are inexhaustible. And this is what we need to focus on because the question is already acute about how much the usual, limited resources can be enough.

Inexhaustible energy sources are the future of industry, science, and technology. Thanks to them, it will be possible to develop both energy and all industries further without fear of stopping any branch of development. The continued existence of the necessary industries for life is so important that it is time to replace oil and gas with natural hydrogen. And then we can be calm for the future of humanity and the planet.

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