Геолого-экономическая эффективность геохимических работ

Geological and economic efficiency of geochemical works

Geochemical researches are inexpensive, fast payback, effective, environmentally friendly methods, operatively tunable to various objects of sampling, depending on the season and tasks (snow, soil, subsoil, well, water, air).

Advantages of geochemical methods:

  • they are carried out in summer and winter pari passu, independently and in conjunction with geological and geophysical work;
  • the cost of a full range of geochemical studies is estimated at 4-5% of the cost of geophysical (seismic) work, although in practice it is less than that, which is unreasonably underestimated and leads to a decrease in the types and volumes of sampling and, as a consequence, to a decrease in the information content of the work;
  • the efficiency of geochemical works, in general, in the Russian Federation and the CIS is as follows: negative forecast – 100%, positive – 70-80%;
  • they are an environmentally safe method of prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits since the production of field works, no damage is done to the natural environment and ecosystems, but on the contrary, the state of the natural environment is assessed.
  • the geochemical information carries an ecological component necessary for the EIA in the design of oil exploration and production work;
  • the geochemical surveying is effective for environmental and geochemical monitoring of the natural environment, especially at the initial stage of prospecting and subsequent support;
  • the accuracy and reliability of the forecast of oil and gas-bearing capacity are significantly increased when integrated with geological and geophysical studies.

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