Search for natural hydrogen

More and more developed countries are switching to the use of hydrogen in both industry and energy now. Hydrogen is a perfect source of energy and an environmentally acceptable fuel.

The search for natural “white” H2 is a way that does not require large expenses for the detection of H2, as well as its preparation for use in various consumption spheres. The costs of searching for and extracting natural H2 are 3-4 times less than natural gas and oil, and in terms of energy efficiency, respectively, 7-8 times.

The results of the geochemical work of the Sibgeocom PGC have shown the presence of hydrogen flows in various regions of Russia, which are recorded everywhere in the sedimentary cover and crystalline rocks.

The scale and intensity of deep fluid flows, including hydrogen, can be hundreds of thousands of m3 / day, which is comparable to the natural gas debits in the fields. But unlike the latter, natural H2 is a renewable energy resource, whose reserves in the Earth bowels are inexhaustible.

The detection technology of natural hydrogen flows is used by Sibgeokom PGK LLC. It includes a search complex of methods for remote sensing of the Earth, geophysical (seismic, electrical, gravitational), and geochemical studies.

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When searching for hydrogen fluxes, the following tasks are solved:

  • Collection and analysis of archival geological, geochemical and geophysical materials on the territory of regions promising for the detection and production of natural hydrogen.
  • Zoning of the territory according to the prospects of hydrogen content, the scale, and intensity of hydrogen degassing of the subsurface.
  • Assessment of the scale of natural hydrogen degassing in various structural and tectonic conditions.
  • Study and monitoring of hydrogen degassing of the subsurface, assessment of the scale and intensity of natural hydrogen discharge.
  • Conducting geochemical studies on promising areas for the detection of natural hydrogen.
  • Physico-chemical modeling on the thermodynamic basis of the interaction processes of deep fluid flows with natural hydrogen with reservoir waters, rocks, and gases of the lithosphere.
  • Construction of 2-3-dimensional geological, geochemical, and geophysical models of deep hydrogen flows and their reservoirs in various structural and tectonic conditions.
  • Isolation, delineation, and tracing to the depth of hydrogen flow by geophysical methods (electrical exploration of ZSB, DNME, and high-precision gravity exploration) with the construction of 3-dimensional models of reservoirs.
  • Development of search criteria for the detection of deep hydrogen flows and their diagnostics by a complex of geophysical and geochemical methods using materials for decoding satellite images.
  • Exploratory and exploratory drilling within a hydrogen-bearing object with trial production of natural hydrogen.
  • Program development for the utilization of natural hydrogen and the construction of pilot plants for the extraction, storage, and transportation of hydrogen with use in different industries and transport.

The presence of ancient rift zones and extended deep faults within the continents and oceans, accompanied by” degassing structures”, suggests the presence of deep fluid flows in the form of “hydrogen pipelines” containing hydrogen in concentrations sufficient for the needs of alternative renewable energy.

Ring structures on the shores of Lake Baikal – manifestations of natural H2
Ring structures on land – signs of natural H2 manifestation

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