Gas and mercury surveying

Выделение тектонических нарушений по данным ртутной съемки на Боханском ЛУ

The gas and mercury studies are used in geological prospecting in combination with geochemical and geophysical methods for mapping ore bodies and, to a lesser extent, as an indirect method for revealing hydrocarbon deposits and mapping petroleum product plumes. The […]

Radiometric methods

Радоновая и радиометрическая съемки

Radiometric studies are carried out on near-surface sediments in combination with lithological, gas and geochemical, and hydrological gas and geochemical methods, usually on shallow boreholes, holes, or “pits”. Radiometric methods include gamma surveying and radonometry (on soils and surface water). […]

Geomicrobiological method

Геомикробиологический метод

The geomicrobiological method (GMB) is used in combination (or independently) with geochemical studies to identify and localize accumulations of hydrocarbon fluids at depth. The method has been widely developed abroad and it is used in various climatic (including in the […]

Geochemical studies in water areas

морские геохимические исследования - Отбор придонных вод

Marine geochemical exploration In the search and exploration of oil and gas in the seas (shelf), as well as in lakes (reservoirs), the main geochemical method is gas geochemical surveying in the near-bottom waters and bottom sediments in which, as […]

Geochemical studies of deep borehole sections

Ореолы рассеянных УВ газов в осадочном разрезе Братского ГКМ

Downhole Geochemistry The borehole geochemistry methods are conducted for a more rapid and in-depth study of borehole sections, forecasting, and evaluation of oil and gas saturation of potentially productive horizons, as well as studies of formation fluids. One of the […]

Physicochemical modeling of oil and gas systems

Схема многорезервуарной модели в нефтегазообразования

It is carried out on a thermodynamic basis using PC “Selector-C” for solving a wide range of tasks, including: evaluation of different catagenesis degree types of DOM of potentially oil and gas horizons (OGH); identification of DOM oil-production potential in […]

Gas and Geochemical Survey on Snow Cover

Полевой отбор геохимических проб из снежного покрова

Gas and geochemical surveys on snow cover are performed in oil and gas prospecting and environmental studies. The survey is carried out in winter (February-March) independently or as part of seismic surveys in seismic profiles. Snow sampling is performed on […]

Lithological, gas, and geochemical studies on near-surface sediments

Выделение нефтеперспективных зон на 2Д геохимических разрезах

The lithological, gas, and geochemical studies of near-surface sediments are performed independently or simultaneously with 2, 3D seismic prospecting in seismic profiles, mainly in winter at all stages of geological prospecting. The processing technology of geochemical works alongside seismic prospecting […]

Helium surveying

Выделение тектонических нарушений по сейсморазведке и гелиевой съемке

The helium surveying is carried out on surface waters and near-surface deposits, in combination with gas and geochemical and hydro-geochemical works, as well as in studying the composition of water-dissolved and free gases of formation fluids of deep wells, with […]

Gas geochemical survey during engineering works

Газогеохимическая съемка при инженерных работах

Downhole geochemistry technique Gas geochemical studies during engineering and survey works Gas geochemical studies as part of engineering and environmental surveys are carried out in areas where bulk soils are spread with an admixture of construction, industrial waste and household […]

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