Geological Information Department

The Geological Information Department is equipped with modern software packages that allow solving a wide range of geological, geochemical, and ecological tasks ranging from statistical data processing to modeling of oil and gas systems. They include Statistika, Petrel, Geosoft, Geoprognoz, Geostat, APGP 2 (3), PC “Selector-C”, etc. The modern computer stations and servers make it possible to process and store large amounts of information, organize databases for individual types of geochemical methods, and consolidated databases of geological, geochemical, and environmental information.

The technology of complex processing and interpretation of geological and geochemical data is carried out by a single block scheme that enables to correct and coordinate geochemical databases with each other and with geological and geophysical materials at all stages of the work and also to perform physicochemical modeling of geochemical fields and hydrocarbon systems.

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