Types of geochemical works

The company performs the following types of geochemical works:

  1. Geochemical studies along deep hole sections: 
    • gas measurement (bituminology) of flush liquid and slime (drill sample) with the use of turboprops and turbine engine;
    • studying the chemical composition and physicochemical properties of formation fluids;
  2. Ground-based geochemical explorations on surface water, near-surface sediments and snow cover: 
    • advanced hydrogen, gas, geochemical and helium (radon) and snow surveys in the form of profile and area works of scale 1: 500 000-1: 100 000;
    • lithological, gas, geochemical, and bitumen testing of near-surface sediments in seismic profiles using shallow (from 1 to 30-50 m) boreholes in 1000-100 m and fewer increments;
    • express analysis of non-associated gases (hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, helium, radon, etc.) of near-surface sediments using field mobile geochemical laboratories and instruments;
  3. Seismogeochemical forecast of the sedimentary section’s oil and gas saturation based on the integration of seismic prospecting and geochemical methods in 2D-3D studies;
  4. Analytical modeling of geochemical fields in the lower half-space on the level of potentially productive horizons (reservoirs);
  5. Geochemical studies in 3D and 4D modifications (including 3-dimensional modeling of the geochemical field) in the prospecting and follow-up prospecting of oil and gas-bearing facilities;
  6. Identification and delineation of “secondary” hydrocarbon accumulations, development zones of gas hydrate strata in the upper part of the section, and tectonic disturbances with the evaluation of their conductive (shielding) properties;
  7. Geo-ecological support for oil and gas prospecting from its launch to the end of development of oil and gas fields;
  8. Express geochemical prospecting for ore and precious metal deposits.
  9. Physical and chemical computer modeling of generation, migration, and accumulation of hydrocarbon systems, including lithological and geochemical processes in HC zone of influence;
  10. Laboratory studies of natural objects (rocks, soils, natural waters, and air);
  11. Supervision of geochemical and environmental works at federal sites and licensed areas;
  12. Consulting services in geological, geochemical, and ecological researches, as well as physical and chemical modeling of oil and gas systems.

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