Search for natural hydrogen

More and more developed countries are switching to the use of hydrogen in both industry and energy now. Hydrogen is a perfect source of energy and an environmentally acceptable fuel. The search for natural “white” H2 is a way that […]

Geoenvironmental research

Геоэкологические исследования

Geochemical methods are one of the types of geoenvironmental research since they study a wide range of environmental components such as water, soil, snow cover, and atmospheric air. At the initial stage of the geological study of poorly studied territories, […]

Chemical and analytical studies

Химико-аналитические исследования

The chemical and analytical studies are conducted in a specialized geochemical laboratory certified in the Rosacreditation system (Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.21SB09 dated June 22, 2015), equipped with modern domestic and imported analytical and laboratory equipment and includes: sample preparation of […]

Consulting services

Супервайзерские и консалтинговые услуги

The company provides a variety of consulting, expert, environmental and supervisory services for oil exploration and mining companies, including: information and consulting services in geochemical prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields, as well as for ore and precious […]

Geological and economic efficiency of geochemical works

Геолого-экономическая эффективность геохимических работ

Geochemical researches are inexpensive, fast payback, effective, environmentally friendly methods, operatively tunable to various objects of sampling, depending on the season and tasks (snow, soil, subsoil, well, water, air). Advantages of geochemical methods: they are carried out in summer and […]

Soil vapor survey in engineering surveying

Газогеохимические исследования при инженерно-изыскательных работах

Soil vapor survey as part of environmental engineering survey is carried out in areas where fill-up soils are spread, with the presence of construction, industrial debris, and household waste (areas of unauthorized household dumps), wetlands with a capacity of more than […]

Direct geochemical prospecting for mineral resources

The concept of the development of geochemical prospecting is based on a systematic, comprehensive study of the geophysical and geochemical indicators of the sedimentary section, based on their relationship and interdependence in space and time, and is most clearly manifested […]

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