Chemical and analytical studies

The chemical and analytical studies are conducted in a specialized geochemical laboratory certified in the Rosacreditation system (Accreditation Certificate No. RA.RU.21SB09 dated June 22, 2015), equipped with modern domestic and imported analytical and laboratory equipment and includes:

  • sample preparation of field samples of soil and rocks (desiccation of samples in natural conditions, abrasion, quartering, sieve and weight analysis, packaging);
  • desorption of gas from water and soil samples (rocks) by thermal vacuum degassing;
  • pyrolytic desorption of gas from soil samples, rocks and sorbents;
  • chemical quantitative analysis of natural and waste waters, soils and rocks;
  • identification of heavy metals and toxic substances in water, soils and rocks;
  • identification of organic substances, petroleum products and their derivatives in water, soil and rock;
  • gas chromatographic analysis of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons and their aromatic compounds (C1-C15), as well as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, argon in water, soil and rock;
  • identification of mercury, radon, helium in water, air and soil;
  • identification of organic carbon and chloroform bitumoid in soil and rock;
  • dosimetric and radiometric control of natural and industrial facilities;
  • identification of physico-chemical parameters of water, soil and rocks;

The Chemical and analytical studies are performed ASAP in accordance with GOSTs and certified methods, on certified equipment, by qualified specialists.

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