Technical equipment

The company has on-board wheeled and tracked vehicles (URAL-4320, GAZ-33081, MLTB, trailers with a field laboratory), ATVs, mobile drilling rigs (URB-2a-2, UGB-50, M-10, SHTILL-1210), floating equipment (inflatable boats with outboard motors), modern field geochemical equipment and instruments, including portable hydro-geochemical laboratories, gas chromatographs, helium analyzers, radiometers and radon analyzers necessary for performing analysis of geochemical and radiometric samples in the field.

The field subdivisions of the company are equipped with modern communication facilities (satellite and cell phones, portable camp, automobile, and route radio stations) and navigation (GPS), as well as life support (field mobile camps). They can carry out fieldwork both on land and on water, in complex geological and climatic conditions, in remote areas of Siberia and the Far East.

The company has a well-equipped production base, warm garages, warehouses, an accredited chemical and analytical laboratory, a service center, and workshops, where production and repair of geochemical equipment and field auto-motor vehicles are carried out.

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